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The Mysteries Continue



“Someone is watching. The thought came unbidden into her mind, but once planted, refused to be budged. It was suddenly not just a suspicion, but a fact. Someone is watching me. And dead men don’t tell.” 
Hope’s life changed forever when she lost her father to a prolonged illness. Her move to Florida, to the little town of Fort Myers Beach, seemed like the perfect way to start over. Hope loves the warmth, the beach and fantastic sunsets, and her new avian friend, Blossom, a young cockatiel who has also been rehomed.

But the charming Inn where she begins her new job is harboring its own secrets. By moving in and taking over the position of housekeeper, Hope begins to realize that someone doesn’t want her there.
Hope wants to remain aloof, to embrace her independence, but the family that owns the Inn persists in drawing her into their circle, all except the prickly Lincoln who has his own suspicions about her.

Hope knows that she can’t continue on her own, and is aware that she needs help to face up to whoever is terrorizing the Inn and the family. But history seems to be repeating itself, and the threats are becoming more and more terrifying. Hope must either run, or turn and fight for her new life.

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