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Author of Mystery and Paranormal Romance

Stand alone novels
Cover from The Cockatiel Cautioned, another fine feathered mystery

Talitha: A Haunting

Clare is a determined woman ready to launch into her new life. She just needs a little money to do it. When she goes to a historical home under renovation to help with the massive cleaning job, she is anxious to do her task and do it well. However, the house, Talitha, has other plans. 

Pit against spirits she can’t see and caught between her best friend and the foreboding owner of the house, she must use her own gifts to journey from death to life.

The Parrot Told Me

Speak to Me:

A Therapist Mystery

A long ago heist was solved, but the loot was never recovered.

As a speech therapist, Brianna has heard her fair share of sensational stories. However, her good friend Tony’s life experiences are more tragic than most. When a stroke takes the old jewel thief’s ability to speak, Brianna must embark on a new challenge. Along with the handsome grandson of the crime’s victim, she needs to find the jewels, help her friend, and evade a killer.
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