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Rachael Rawlings has recently became Rachael Hereford! She has been writing for a long time now and has 16 books published with more on the way. Her work is published through both Hydra Publications and self published through Amazon. 
While her profession is a Speech Language Pathologist, she loves her author career just as much.
Rachael has a true love of reading, and reads different genres depending on her mood.  She is interested in mystery, fantasy, good old fashioned spine tingling horror, and gentle romance.  She reads for entertainment and comfort, and her writing reflects this.  Her main goal is to show the reader a good time, make them think just a little, and make them wonder about things that are just on the other side of reality.
She lives with her fantastic husband, who is super suportive of her career. She has four adult children she is so proud of, and three dogs, who drive her crazy.  She also is owned by two parrots who continually surprise her in their sheer intelligence (a new definition of bird brained).  She grew up in and lives in the small town of Crestwood, Kentucky.
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